Wireless Controller for Xbox One

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Wireless Controller for Xbox One
Experience the action like never before with Wireless Controller for Xbox One. The new impulse triggers you get feedback on your fingertips and you experience every jolt and crash in HD. * Redesigned thumbsticks and completely revamped D-pad provide greater accuracy.

Features Wireless Controller:
  • The controller has been refreshed with more than 40 technical and design innovations.
  • New impulse triggers provide accurate vibration feedback at your fingertips, what gaming is now incredibly realistic. *
  • Newly designed D-pad is perfect for all types of games such as sports, martial arts, FPS and more. Optimized for targeted and swipe movements.
  • Sensitive and accurate thumbsticks.
  • New Wireless radio to quickly pass to the console data.
  • Designed for comfortable use with large and small hands.
  • Pack and play. Kinect will automatically recognize who is playing and what controller.
  • Expansion port for additional devices as a corded headset and future devices.
  • Use with Play & Charge Kit.
  • Provides feedback using vibrations.
  • 10m wireless range.
Button layout and handling similar to the original.
Pictures may differ from the actual product delivered, all shapes, names and appearance different from the protected image and word trademarks of Microsoft, not an original, not confusingly similar to the original.  
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