Other computer accessories and peripherals

In this section all other computer accessories and peripherals such as USB gadgets, food testers and laptop locks.

On the desk and in and around the computer and laptop there is a great need for accessories that make life easier. Think of a hot plate for a cup of coffee or a usb fan that provides cooling during a hot summer. In this section you will find all accessories and gadgets related to computers and laptops that we have in our range.

USB gadgets and other accessories for computer and laptop

USB gadgets are an ideal article to use for upselling. Offer these products to just last minute in a shopping cart to add a free shipment. But it can also be offered as a main item for sale. A small usb fridge for a can of drink can be a pleasant addition in the summer or think of an indispensable laptop cooler to cool an overheated laptop so that it does not fall out.