Wireless chargers

Wireless chargers with QI certification. A completely new range of wireless chargers for smartphones and tablets from Choetech. Up to 15W wireless charging

The latest smartphones are now standard equipped with a wireless charging function. Both the new Iphones from Apple and the latest smartphone models from Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Sony and most other models are standard equipped with a wireless charging function. Wireless charging, also known as wireless charging, is distinguished in different powers and protocols.

Wireless chargers for smartphone

Since the QI standard of 5W was introduced in 2009, there have long been only wireless chargers with 5W on the market. By default, these max. 5W chargers are called wireless chargers and only when 7.5W or more can be delivered is there talk about wireless fast charger. Wholesale-xl is an official distributor of Choetech in possession of the latest QI fast wireless chargers with a payload of 7.5-10W and even 15W . Due to the official QI licenses of Choetech, these wireless chargers are compatible with the latest phones with QI charging function. Some non-original cases can disrupt or block wireless charging, so pay attention to this.