Cables for smartphone and tablet

Charging cables and data cables for smartphone and tablet. A complete range of Micro USB, USB Type-C and Lightning (MFI) cables for smartphones and tablets.

Charging cables for smartphones and tablets come in more and more types and sizes. Although there are fewer types of connection and the future lies in USB Type-C, there are many different options within these connections to meet all the wishes and tastes of the end user. In this section we offer a wide range of charging cables and data cables for all types of smartphones and tablets.

USB Cables for smartphones and tablets

Whether it is for Apple with a lighting connection or a universal cable with multiple connections such as a Choetech 3 in 1 USB cable to Lighting, Type-C and Micro USB. For each end user there is a cable that is suitable for his or her wish. We offer various types of charging cables in this section, pay attention to the brand designation and the maximum current that the cable can provide to avoid misunderstandings. With usb cables for Apple it is important to choose the MFI variant.