USB-C Hub with 3x USB-A port and card reader

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Product information

5-in-1 connecting USB 3.0 type-C hub

Do you have a laptop with a USB-C connection and would you like to be able to use multiple USB-A connections? Then this stylish USB3.0 Type-C hub is the product you need. By connecting the hub to your Type-C connection of, for example, your MacBook, you create three USB connections. Very useful if your laptop was not yet equipped with it or if you want to connect more peripherals! In addition to creating simple (extra) USB ports, you also provide your laptop directly with a Micro-SD and SD / TF card reader.

3x USB 3.0 ports

By connecting this aluminum hub to the USB-C connection of your laptop, you create three (extra) USB ports. These are all provided with a chip, which optimizes performance. Due to the USB 3.0 SuperSpeed technology, transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps can be achieved.

Micro-SD and SD / TF card reader

What is very useful about this multifunctional Type-C hub is that it also has two card readers. One card reader supports Micro-SD cards, while the other can read SD / TF cards. Ideal if your laptop or computer does not have a card reader.

Stylish and compact

The silver aluminum hub is finished with a matte finish. This makes the hub look stylish and fits well into a "Mac Style" or other environment. The USB-C hub with card reader is compact and connects nicely to the laptop.

Product specifications:

✔ USB 3.0 USB-C hub.
✔ Input: USB-C.
✔ Output: 3x USB 3.0 Type-A, 1x Micro SD & SD / TF card reader.
✔ Supports: Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
✔ Material: aluminum.
✔ Connect nicely to the laptop.
✔ Compliant with: CE / FCC / RoHS.
✔ LED indicator.
✔ Color: silver.
✔ Weight: 18 grams.
✔ Product dimensions: 84.7 mm x 22.5 mm x 8.3 mm.

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