Protective set for Nintendo Switch Oled - transparent

Brand: DOBE
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Screen protection set for Nintendo Switch Oled

  1. Suitable for Switch OLED model: This protective film with positioner is specially designed for the Switch OLED, guaranteeing a perfect fit and optimal protection.

  2. Effective protection: The highly permeable but scratch-free protective film provides effective protection for the screen of your Switch OLED. It protects against scratches while improving touch sensitivity. Moreover, it is easy to clean for a clear image.

  3. Accurate positioning: Thanks to the film positioner, applying the protective film is a simple task. It ensures precise positioning on the screen, allowing you to apply the film easily and perfectly for impeccable protection.

Choose the Switch OLED Tempered foil with Positioner iTNS-1195 and enjoy a carefree gaming experience with an always clear and protected screen! Order now and give your Nintendo Switch OLED the protection it deserves.

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