Protective set for the Nintendo Switch Oled - blue

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Protective set for the Nintendo Switch Oled - blue

Protect your Nintendo Switch Oled console against scratches and dents when it is in use or falls off the couch. With this silicone grip you not only protect your console, but you also provide more grip for your hands and the console will not only slip out of your hands less often, but you will also have a more pleasant gaming experience.

Perfect fit and high quality

The design of the grip is well thought out. The shape of the grip is made in such a way that the console with the grip attached still fits in the Dock of the Switch Oled. So you can charge the console in the Switch Dock or play while it is in the Dock with the grip attached to the console. The grip can therefore always remain in place and does not have to be removed when you want to use the Dock.

Including sticker set and storage box for game cartridges

In addition to the grip, this set also includes a series of stickers in the same blue theme for your Joy-Cons and the Console. The storage box for 8 Switch game cartridges is also in the same theme as the stickers. Finally, there are extra thumbcaps in this set which complete the blue theme picture.

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