Universal wall holder for smartphone or tablet - 3M tape - cable management - white

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Product information

Universal smartphone wall mount / tablet wall mount

Don't want to put your smartphone or tablet in annoying places to charge it? Do you want to be able to charge your device in one fixed place from now on, while the charging cable is neatly stored? Then this wall holder from UGREEN is an ideal product for you! You attach this wall holder for a smartphone or tablet firmly to the wall, after which you can place your phone or tablet horizontally in the holder. Mount it close to a power outlet and never have to place devices in impossible places near a power outlet again.

Wall holder suitable for different walls

This universal smartphone wall holder is suitable for placing on various surfaces. For example, the wall holder for a tablet or smartphone can be pasted on wallpaper, but also on a lime wall, tiles and stainless steel, but also on a glass, wooden or metal surface. Thanks to the super strong self-adhesive 3M tape, the wall holder stays in place and you can safely place your phone or tablet in it. The strong tape does not leave any sticky residue.

Compact and stylish design

This wall holder is very compact, so that it hardly stands out on a (white) wall and fits well with any interior. The wall holder for a smartphone or tablet is 117mm wide, 95mm high and about 28mm deep. The slot in which a smartphone or tablet can be placed is 14 mm deep. So make sure that a smartphone or tablet is no thicker than 14 mm. This may not fit with some cases.

Easily charge your device and store cables

Easily charge your phone or tablet by placing it in the UGREEN wall holder. You hang a smartphone or tablet on the wall, close to a socket. Never again do you have to put a device on the floor or in another awkward place. In addition, there is a space behind the holder, where you can neatly roll the charging cable around. This way you never lose a charging cable again, you prevent wear on the cable and you can hide the excess cable behind the wall holder. Perfect cable management!

Easy to use

The wall holder for a smartphone or tablet (with a thickness of up to 14 mm) is easy to use. You can hang your holder in four simple steps, after which you can place the smartphone or tablet in it.

1: clean the wall for good adhesion.
2: Remove the paper layer from the 3M tape.
3: Make sure the wall bracket hangs horizontally and straight, then press firmly.
4: the wall holder can be used after 24 hours.

Product specifications:

✔ Product type: wall holder for smartphone or tablet.
✔ Article code: UGR-30394.
✔ Material: Heat resistant ABS + 3M Viscose + anti-slip pads.
✔ Suitable for: smartphone or tablet.
✔ Provided with strong 3M double-sided tape.
✔ Does not leave any adhesive residue.
✔ Can be attached to wallpaper, tiles, stainless steel, wood, glass, metal, lime wall.
✔ Cable management.
✔ Easy to install and use.
✔ Includes anti-slip material.
✔ Suitable for smartphones and tablets up to 14mm thick.
✔ Color: white.
✔ Weight: 48g.
✔ Product Dimensions: 117mm x 69mm x 28 deep (14mm slot).

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