HDMI to SCART converter with cable

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HDMI to SCART converter with cable

Do you want to convert an HD video and audio signal to an analog signal? Then this is possible with this HDMI to SCART converter! Connect an old television, monitor or projector with SCART connection to the converter and convert the digital signal from a new console with HDMI connection to an analog signal. Think, for example, of a new game console, computer, laptop, smart box or HD camera with HDMI that you connect to an old TV, monitor or projector with SCART connection.

HDMI and MHL to SCART converter – wide compatibility

This HDMI to SCART converter converts digital HDMI video and audio signals to a composite video signal and the FL/FR stereo audio signal. This converter converts digital HDMI signals and MHL signals from the smartphone into an analog CVBS signal (480i / 578i). This allows the signal to be played on CRT TV, VHS VCR, DVD recorders, etc. The HDMI to SCART converter supports PAL and NTSC and features a switch to switch between them. Do you want to connect a smartphone and play photos, music or videos on an old TV? Then you need your own MHL cable.

How do you use the HDMI to SCART converter?

Use the HDMI cable to connect the HDMI device to the HDMI to SCART converter. Use the integrated SCART cable to connect the SCART output of the converter to the old TV, monitor or projector with SCART interface. Use the PAL/NTSC switch on the converter to select a CVBS output format as desired. Then connect the converter to a DC 5V-1A adapter/USB port or power bank (using the supplied USB cable) and the converter is ready to use.

Product specifications:

✔ Item code: YPC425.
✔ Product type: HDMI/MHL to SCART converter with cable.
✔ SCART output: PAL, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, SECAM, PAL/M, PAL/N.
✔ HDMI input: 1080p / 720p @60Hz.
✔ External power supply: via supplied USB cable.
✔ Not included: HDMI 1.3 cable / 5V-1A adapter.
✔ Plug & play.
✔ Capable of converting digital HD video and audio signal to an analog signal.
✔ For a TV, monitor or projector with SCART interface.
✔ Connect to a computer, laptop, smartphone (MHL), game console, smart box, etc. with HDMI.
✔ Color: black.
✔ Weight: 78 grams.
✔ Product Dimensions: 83.2 x 36.6 x 14.6mm.

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