Dreamcast to HDMI converter cable

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Dreamcast to HDMI converter cable

Thanks to this Dreamcast to HDMI converter cable, you can enjoy classic Dreamcast games on a 4K television. Convert and upscale Dreamcast's analog RGB signals to HDMI digital signals. Enjoy an excellent signal, more defined colours, high resolution and sharper details. Play retro games on modern HD TVs, monitors or projectors again.

Easily connect your Dreamcast to a modern television!

Do you want to connect your retro Dreamcast to an HD television, monitor or projector within a few seconds? And do you want to play retro games such as Super Mario Bros, Sonic Adventure, Power Stone or Hydro Thunder? This is possible thanks to this Dreamcast to HDMI converter!

How does connecting the Dreamcast to HDMI converter cable work?

Connect the converter to the Dreamcast. Use your own HDMI cable to connect the converter to an HD TV, monitor or projector. Preferably use an HDMI cable with a maximum length of 5 meters to maintain the best quality. Then connect the converter to the mains power via a 5V adapter to power the Dreamcast to HDMI converter. This can also be done via a USB port or your own power bank.

Note: the HDMI cable and a 5V adapter are not included.

Switch 720P / 1080P @50Hz / 60Hz

The Dreamcast to HDMI adapter supports 4:3 and 16:9 (720p and 1080p). You can choose either 720p or 1080p with the switch, improving performance. The home screen is 16:9 and can be set to 4:3 as needed. The Dreamcast to HDMI converter provides a quality 1080p output via HDMI, improving color transitions, auto-detect and auto-convert, as well as extending the dynamic range. Make video come alive with the sharpest HD images. Also supports 480i, 576i, 480p.

Manual adjustment on the TV

The Dreamcast to HDMI converter cable is specially calibrated for the Dreamcast. However, the final output depends not only on the quality of the converter cable, but also on the games you play and the quality of the television. Try adjusting the backlight, brightness, dynamic setting or parameters on the TV if you want to improve the display even more.

Product specifications:

✔ Item code: YPC427.
✔ Product type: Dreamcast to HDMI converter.
✔ Input: Dreamcast.
✔ output: 1x HDMI
✔ HDMI output: 480i, 576i, 480p - 720P / 1080P @50Hz / 60Hz.
✔ Plug & play.
✔ Capable of converting analog video signal to HD.
✔ External power supply: via supplied USB cable.
✔ Power consumption: max. 5W.
✔ Does not include power adapter and HDMI cable.
✔ Cable length: 15 cm.
✔ Color: black.
✔ Weight: 36 grams.
✔ Product Dimensions: 83mm x 36mm x 17mm.
✔ In the package: Dreamcast to HDMI adapter, USB cable and manual.

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