Cooling fan for Nintendo Switch Oled Dock with game card storage

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Cooling fan for Nintendo Switch Oled Dock with game card storage

An overheated Nintendo Switch Oled is a thing of the past with this professional cooler for your Switch Oled Dock. Simply replace the side panel of the Dock with this cooler and connect the connected USB cable to the power input of the Dock on the inside. Click the cooler into place and connect the original power adapter of your Switch Oled to the USB-C port on the outside of the cooler. The cooler can now be used and is, as it were, connected between the mains adapter and the Dock, making efficient use of the supplied power and saving energy at the same time.

Designed for ease of use

The fit of the cooler is precisely made to fit the side of the Switch Oled dock. In addition, a handy storage space has been created at the top where no fewer than 14 games can be stored. Because the console uses the mains power, no additional cables need to be connected, the whole thing is compact and ergonomically designed. The fan can be turned on and off with the on/off button on the cooler while the power is connected. So you can also charge the console without the fan having to be running!

in brief:

  • Plug & play use with the Dock and Switch mains adapter
  • With storage space for 14 game cartridges
  • Includes blue LED light
  • Including manual
  • Packaged in full-color retail packaging


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