Wireless Qi Charging Holder for Smartphones - 2 Coils - 10W - Red

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Product information

Stylish wireless QI charging case for a smartphone

If you regularly charge your smartphone and are annoyed by the charging cable that is in the way, then a wireless charging holder is an ideal solution. With this stylish charging holder from Choetech you can wirelessly charge your phone without a cable getting in the way or tangling. You no longer have to plug in or out a cable, but simply place your smartphone in the holder. Connect the holder to your own adapter with the supplied charging cable and you can charge your device wirelessly at any time.

Fast charging up to 10 Watt

You can charge your smartphone up to 10 Watt. Backwards also compatible with 7.5W and 5W. If you charge your smartphone with 5V, the wireless charging station of Choetech supports 2A. When charging with 9V, 1.8A is supported. Thanks to the intelligent chip that is incorporated in the wireless QI charging station, the connected device is immediately recognized and the correct amount of power is supported. The Fast Charge technology charges the smartphone quickly and safely.

Two coils

The wireless charging station contains not one, but two coils. These are the two interfaces through which the smartphone is detected and immediately charged automatically after installation. Also, partly because two coils are incorporated in the wireless charging station, you can choose whether you place the smartphone vertically or horizontally.

Wireless charging according to the international QI charging standard

QI is the first in the world to promote standardization systems for wireless charging technology. This Union has taken the principle of the QI charging standard that people experience versatility and convenience. you can easily place your smartphone in the charging station, after which it starts charging immediately. The magnet in the center of the charger does not emit radiation. Your smartphone must support the QI standards. Does your phone not support Qi? Then it is recommended to purchase a Qi receiver.

Charging and watching a movie at the same time

If your device is charged with a charging cable, it is often too short to assume a nice posture. From now on, with the Choetech QI charging station, you can easily wirelessly charge and view a film or document at the same time. Because it is in the holder you can sit in a nice position and both hands are free.

Cable management

By using the red wireless QI charging station from Choetech, you no longer need a charging cable. This means that there is no longer a cable on your desk, so that it can no longer be damaged and tangled. In addition, it makes for a neater desk. It is also very good for the durability of your smartphone. You no longer need to connect or disconnect a cable every time you charge. This gives your interface a longer lifespan.

Safe and stylish

The wireless charging standard is equipped with a Multi-Safety security system. This protects it against leakage current, over voltage, overheating and short circuit. The product is also protected against any heat due to the strong and heat-resistant ABS material. The red color immediately provides extra cheerfulness within your interior. The anti-slip design keeps the holder in place. Furthermore, the wireless smartphone charger is lightweight and has a compact size. The wireless charger also has an LED indicator.

Product specifications:

✔ Model number: T555-SR.
✔ Input: 5V-2A / 9V-1.8A.
✔ Output: 10W max.
✔ Backwards compatible with 7.5W and 5W.
✔ Interface: Micro USB.
✔ Materials: heat resistant ABS.
✔ Multi-Safety security system.
✔ Conform: CE. RoHS. FCC, ETL, RCM.
✔ QI charging standard.
✔ Power consumption in standby mode: 0.05W.
✔ Two coils (coil wires).
✔ Place your smartphone vertically or horizontally.
✔ Anti-slip design.
✔ Compact.
✔ Color: red.
✔ Weight: 124 grams.
✔ Cable length: 1.2 meters.
✔ Product dimensions: 72mm x 69mm x 135.5mm.

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