Choetech expandable Solar Charger 4 panels - 2x USB - 22W - Water resistant

Brand: Choetech
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Product information

Foldable Solar Charger with four panels

Do you regularly go out and notice that various devices are empty quickly? And do you also find it so frustrating that there is no socket nearby? With this handy solar charger you can charge your 5V devices with solar energy. The charger has no less than four panels and two USB Type-A outputs. Due to the sunlight, your devices can be supplied with power via these ports and the supplied (or your own included) cable.

Solar charging

With a total power of 22W, you can efficiently charge two devices simultaneously. Think of your phone and tablet, but also a GPS tracker, digital camera, MP3 or MP4 player and a power bank. 2.4A is supported on the first port, 2.1A on the second. Due to the intelligent chip incorporated in the solar charger, exactly the right charging current is supplied. For example, 1A is supplied when charging a smartphone, and 2.4A when charging a tablet. The Choetech solar charger is ideal for various outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and cycling, but also very handy for at home. Because you can charge via solar energy, you do not need a socket. It is also not possible to charge this solar charger via the mains power.

Handy tip: charge a power bank via the solar energy during camping or other activities. This way you can also charge 5V devices at night without daylight.

How does charging devices with the solar charger work?

The product is very user-friendly. You unfold the Choetech charger, after which you connect your 5V device to the USB port with the supplied cable. You can easily put the device to be charged, such as your smartphone, in the appropriate box of the Solar Charger. Of course you can also store it outside, but make sure that your device is not in full sun or can get wet. The more sunlight, the faster the connected device charges. In case of clouds, your device will still be charged via solar energy, but slightly slower.

Water resistant and lightweight

The Choetech solar charger with four panels is water resistant and very lightweight. This is very handy, since you can wear it on your backpack in all weather conditions or put it in the daylight.


You can charge various devices with the solar charger. All 5V devices can be connected to it and supplied with power.

Product specifications:

✔ Model number: SC005.
✔ Type: folding solar charger.
✔ Input: DC 5V.
✔ Output: USB-A (2.1A / 2.4A)
✔ Solar panel capacity: maximum 22W.
✔ Number of panels: 4.
✔ Conversion efficiency: 21-24%.
✔ Water resistant.
✔ Environmentally friendly.
✔ Light in weight.
✔ Compatible with various 5V devices, such as a phone, tablet, power bank, camera etc.
✔ Including charging cable (USB-A to Micro USB).
✔ Color: dark gray.
✔ Weight: 590 grams.
✔ Dimensions folded: 26cm x 16cm x 4cm.
✔ Dimensions unfolded: 79cm x 26cm x 2cm.

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