USB-C to RJ45 adapter and 3x USB 3.0

Brand: Choetech
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Product information

USB-C to 3x USB3.0 and RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet hub

Do you have a laptop, desktop, notebook or MacBook with USB-C port and would you like to create (extra) type-A ports and create an Ethernet port? Then this USB-C hub with three USB 3.0 ports and Ethernet connection is the product you need. Not only can you achieve a faster and stable internet connection, you can also use this hub to ensure that you have more USB-A ports for connecting peripherals. This makes it easy to connect a smartphone, mouse, keyboard, printer or USB stick. Ideally, the USB ports are not on the top, but on the side of the product. This way you don't get upright cables and it makes for a tidier desk.

5Gbps SuperSpeed

All USB ports of this hub have USB3.0 technology. This allows you to enjoy a transfer speed of up to 5Gbps. This is no less than ten times faster than with USB2.0! The Type-A ports are backwards compatible with USB2.0 and USB1.1.

Gigabit Ethernet connection

A WiFi connection is not always stable and not every laptop now has an Ethernet connection. An advantage of this black USB-C hub from Choetech is that it has an Ethernet connection. This allows you to enjoy a stable internet connection without fluctuations via the cable. If you create a wired network with the hub, you can achieve internet speeds of 10/100 / 1000Mbps.

The Choetech USB-C hub with RJ45 port has an integrated 10 cm cable that can be easily connected without driver to the USB-C port of your laptop or computer. Note: Your device's USB-C port must support DP Alt mode.

Stylish and safe

The USB-C hub is made of high quality materials. For example, the product has an aluminum housing, PVC materials and a gold-plated connector. This combination ensures that the performance is as optimal as possible. The appearance is very stylish. Due to the matte black coating, the hub fits into any interior. It is also compact and therefore easy to take anywhere.

Product specifications:

✔ Model type: CHO-HUB-U02.
✔ Type: USB-C to 3x USB3.0 and RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet.
✔ Input: USB-C.
✔ Output: 3x USB3.0 type-A connection, 1x Ethernet.
✔ Material: aluminum, PVC, gold-plated connectors.
✔ Data rate: USB3.0 5Gbps.
✔ Internet speed: maximum 1000 Mbps.
✔ Including integrated 10 centimeter cable.
✔ Conform: CE, FCC. RoHS.
✔ Protocol: DP Alt mode.
✔ Color: black.
✔ Weight: 38 g.
✔ Product dimensions: 90mm x 225mm x 11mm.

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