Adjustable tablet stand - 4 to 12 inches - 0-100 degrees adjustable

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Article code UGR-50748
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Product information

Adjustable laptop stand - 4 to 12 inches

Do you regularly view documents, videos or photos on a smartphone or tablet? Or do you play different games on your device? Then it is very nice to use a holder to put your smartphone or tablet upright. With this handy and adjustable holder from UGREEN you can put your device upright and you no longer have to hold it. Your hands remain free, which is useful for taking notes. You are also in a more ergonomic position. You can also more easily connect a wireless controller or keyboard to your device by using the telephone holder / adjustable stand.

0-100 degrees rotatable - ergonomic position

The tablet stand can be rotated from 0 to 100 degrees. This allows you to place your tablet at the right angle so that you have the best view and the best (ergonomic) posture. The holder is also suitable for a smartphone.

Stylish and compact

The phone or tablet holder from UGREEN has a stylish appearance. The product is made of wear-resistant and heat-resistant ABS material. The silicone anti-slip protection can be found at the bottom of the holder so that it stays on the desk, but also on the inside where the phone or tablet is placed. This prevents the device from sliding off the stand. The anti-slip protection also ensures that no scratches occur on your device.

The smartphone and tablet stand is easy to carry because it can be folded. Due to its compact size and light weight, it easily fits in any bag and can be used anywhere.

Suitable for various applications

The tablet stand from UGREEN is very suitable for various situations. You can use the stand while watching a movie, participate in video calls or webinars, but also to play games via your tablet or smartphone. Do you regularly read documents through your device? Even then it is useful to put your device upright. Do you ever make drawings via a (drawing) tablet? Then you can put the tablet in the holder and place it at the right angle.

Product specifications:

✔ Product code: UGR-50748.
✔ Adjustable tablet stand or smartphone stand.
✔ Material: heat resistant ABS / silicone.
✔ 0-100 degrees rotatable for the correct angle.
✔ Provides an ergonomic posture.
✔ Can be used with almost all brands and models of telephones and tablets (4-12 inch).
✔ Collapsible.
✔ Stylish and compact.
✔ Color: black.
✔ Weight: 68 grams.
✔ Product dimensions: 118mm x 108mm x 45mm.

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