35-key gaming keyboard - RGB lighting - Macro recording - Wrist support

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Product information

One-handed 35-key keyboard - with RGB lighting

With this mechanical keyboard you can take your gaming experience to the next level! This cool keyboard has been specially developed for the gamer: from the novice to advanced gamer. Take your gaming skills to the next level with this gaming keyboard. The keyboard has all the keys needed to play your favorite game and also offers ergonomic support.

Special keyboard for every PC gamer

Do you want all keys to be within reach while gaming? Then you can use this stylish one-handed keyboard. The awsd is designed just like the arrow keys on a normal keyboard. In addition, you can also set the keyboard to personal preferences.

RGB LED lighting for the ultimate experience

Not only does it make it easier to find the keys in the dark, it also looks very cool in any game setting. The RGB lighting can be set in the desired color, but can also fade from one color to another. Not only the numbers and letters are illuminated, but also the background.

Set the colors of the game keyboard

  • Hold down FN+F3 at the same time and choose one desired color. Each time this key combination is pressed, the color changes.
  • Click FN+F4 to flash or fade the colors.
  • Press and hold FN+F5 to turn the full backlight on or off.
  • Press FN+5 to make the lighting flash or fade faster (multiple speeds possible). Want to adjust the speed so that the colors fade/blink more slowly? Then click on FN+6.

Macro recording

The keyboard has macro recording keys. You can store various keystrokes / combinations under the F1 and F2 keys. Press the FN+ESC key for about three seconds and the backlight will flash. Type a word, series of numbers, or letter combination as desired. Save the combination under F1 or F2 and you can always put the combination with FN + F1/F2 without having to type the whole string.

Wrist Support - Ergonomic Design

The gaming keyboard has an ergonomic design thanks to the wrist support. This means that your wrist will not be bothered by prolonged use and you can play for hours without complaints.

Plug and play

You don't need to install a driver, the game keyboard is simply plug and play. Connect the 35-key keyboard to the USB port of your computer or laptop and you can start using it right away. The game keyboard is supported by Windows, Linux, Mac OS and other operating systems.

The benefits of the RGB 35-key keyboard

  • Cool RGB LED lighting with 8 different effects
  • Macro recording keys
  • Ergonomic design
  • Perfect for the ultimate gaming experience
  • Suitable for all operating systems
  • Plug and play

Product specifications:

✔ Product Model: YG92RGB.
✔ Interface: USB.
✔ Product Type: One-handed game keyboard.
✔ Number of keys: 35.
✔ RGB LED lighting (keys and background).
✔ Multiple lighting effects (fading/wave, blinking, 1 color).
✔ Macro recording keys.
✔ Ergonomic design.
✔ Can be set in different languages.
✔ Ideal game keyboard for gamers.
✔ Plug and play.
✔ Material: ABS.
✔ Supported by Linux, Mac OS, Windows and more.
✔ Cable length: 1.5 meters.
✔ Color: black.
✔ Weight: 420g.
✔ Product Dimensions: 173mm x 230mm x 37mm.

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